Allyson Irwin

I'm a


I am a data engineer at Hakkoda. We help implement Snowflake into businesses. I also am on the Women in Data team to reach gender equality. Helping women get more involved in technology is one of my passions, that's why I started Code Adventure.

Code Adventure is a non-profit that I started to help girls get more involved in technology. It's a 3 day event every June where girls can get hands-on experience and knowledge about different opportunities in tech.

I also enjoy the outdoors including swimming in the ocean, snowboarding, wakeboarding, playing and watching sports, and traveling. If you find me, I'll probably be eating tacos or roller skating.


Here are a few websites that I have made for clients, research opportunities, or school projects.

Code Adventure

For Code Adventure, I made a website so we can use it for marketing and for registration

Covid19 website screenshot

To show all GoFundMe campaigns related to Covid-19, I made this website to view and sort through the campaigns

Covid19 calculator website screenshot

Using Python, I analyzed tweets referring to BYU Basketball or Football to find trends and patterns

e-commerce website screenshot

Since E-commerce sites are so popular, this website is an e-commerce website with actual credit card payments